The Elusive Perfect Sticky Bun

The Elusive Perfect Sticky Bun

Recipe: Attempt 1 & 2 (October 2012)–Aside from technical errors which can be easily corrected, they just didn’t taste quite right to me. My husband loved them, because they were sweet and tasted like cinnamon rolls, but I was going for sticky buns. Need to try again!

Recipe adapted from:


  • Instead of AP Flour, I used “cake wheat flour” b/c I don’t have AP flour–cake flour has less gluten than AP flour, but I found that “cake wheat flour” seems to work as a very good substitute for recipes calling for AP.
  • Yeast: I used instant yeast, so you don’t need to dissolve it in water. If you’re using active dry yeast (not instant), then you need to dissolve it in liquid first and wait for the bubbling, but don’t bring the milk to a boil, like the recipe says. (In fact, you don’t even really need to heat it, you can mildly warm the mixture). I learned that after I accidentally killed my first batch of yeast and looked online for answers. 🙂
  • Used 1/2 cup white sugar, 2 tsp butter, pinch salt, some milk (probably 1/4 cup), until creamy, but not hard–the consistency of caramel.
  • I guess it’s different with every oven, but I slightly over-toasted my pecans because I left them in for like 6 minutes. The recipe calls for 10 minutes, so I stuck them in and just walked away. Next time, I would just keep watching them and probably take them out at 2-3 minutes.
  • Instead of heavy cream, I used whole milk, but this was a mistake, because I think the “sauce” didn’t really come together because of this, and just remained a bit liquidy until later, when the whole thing was refrigerated. (And even then, it didn’t quite look like caramel). I didn’t have heavy cream at the time, but next time I’m definitely using it if trying this recipe again.
  • The butter was a little too much; I would use less next time,
  • I pinched a little bit of orange juice from the orange into the mixture as well (didn’t have a zester).
  • I might try adding some ground cinnamon to the topping too, but that might be overkill.
  • Ground cinnamon, 1/4 cup white sugar, pinch salt, toasted pecans
  • Maybe this was part of the issue: I didn’t add any butter, egg, flour or nutmeg (though I would have added nutmeg if I had any). I just mixed a little cinnamon, sugar and a tiny bit of salt together and spread it onto the dough.
  • I just mixed and kneaded the dough with my hands. I tried to use the electric mixer, but the dough got all the way up inside it, (then it expanded and turned into a toast-like consistency over the course of the next several weeks, and had to be shaken out), so I scraped as much off of it as I could and just kneaded…it was fun!
  • I let the dough rise for  four hours, and then I put it in the fridge to make the rolls the next day.
  • Once the rolls were made, I cut them into small pieces and placed them in the baking tray (where the topping was setting) so that they could proof for a second time with the caramel pecan glaze. This took another 3-4 hours for them to double in size. I had a bunch of left over dough and pieces of cut rolls that didn’t fit, so I just put them in the fridge to make for the next day.
  • I didn’t bother with the egg-wash before baking.
  • The actual baking time took about 20-25 minutes (50 minutes would have definitely burnt the whole dish, so I have no idea why the number is so off–but several of the people in the comments section of the recipe have agreed that 25 minutes was more than enough.)
  • I didn’t try spooning the glaze on top, but I will try that maybe in the future (if I’m happy with the consistency of the glaze next time).


I will find you, perfect sticky bun recipe. I will find you. 🙂


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